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This option gives us the creative freedom to do what we know best—make something beautiful.  Let us know the size of the arrangement that you would like to send and leave the rest to us. We will create a lush & gorgeous design with the flowers inspiring most at the moment.

Each price point provides a beautiful lush arrangement. As the
price increases, the design grows in size and becomes fuller
with more stems and variety.

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The above photos display a range of designs we have created. While we won't replicate an exact design, all of our arrangements are done in our signature lush style with exquisite color palettes. We seek out the highest quality flowers available in the market to create unique and fresh designs. 

What size should I send?


To help give an idea of scale, the image above shows two arrangements and their general size. Our smallest arrangements are perfect for a side table. From there as the price increases the size of the arrangement also grows and becomes more lush and varied.