— S E T T I N G
Together with you, we review the venue and provide a fresh perspective of the layout. Every space will be reimagined to properly set the mood, from dining areas to lounges to statement bars.

 — P R O C E S S
You’ll partake in the design process firsthand, as we meet to discuss color palettes, linens, tablescapes, and tableware—sourcing the most stylish china, glassware, chairs and linens that will set your event apart. By the introduction of countless thoughtful details, we bring the intimacy of a dinner party to your larger gathering—transforming the space into an inviting ambiance for your guests.

Our curated collection of decorative objects, fabrics and furnishings serves as inspiration, to be woven into your celebration. Candleholders of every shape, color and size, from chandeliers to votives, will provide enchanting illumination. Luxurious fabrics, in an amazing array of texture and color, become the backdrop for the table design. We explore the possibilities with you, listening and refining as the creative direction begins to emerge. Storyboards are then created, guiding the design evolution. As we execute, we tap into our network of artists – set builders, calligraphers, lighting designers, seamstresses and more, ensuring that every area reflects the whole.