At the heart of my work as a floral designer has always been a love of visual art. It started with
my graphic design study at Parsons, and grew as I progressed to photography, where I did styling for the camera.
Over and over, I was drawn to the beautiful flowers gracing the sets. Inevitably, I began doing arrangements
for friends’ events, exploring Manhattan’s flower market before dawn to seek out the most vibrant colors and blooms. 
I always came home with a carful of twice the flowers needed, a skill I maintain to this day
(some flowers are just too gorgeous to resist).

By 2002, I realized I had a calling – and a following. So I made the leap, and KD&J  B O T A N I C A  was born.
In the beginning, we created florals only, but soon grew into planning entire settings. From calligraphy to candlelight,
we refine every element to express a seamless, unforgettable vision.

Photo Credit: Melani Lust

Photo Credit: Melani Lust

 I promise I will work with you tirelessly, to make every aspect -- color, texture, fragrance and light --
come together in a visual feast, creating a memorable celebration for your family and guests.

                                            –  Katherine Daught Jacob  {owner/creative director}

Gregg Rustin Ryder  {director of operations}

I am lucky to work with my partner, Gregg Rustin Ryder (Rusty) on a daily basis. Rusty is in charge of
event logistics, installations, and deliveries large and small, all the while bringing a steady
calm and voice of reason to our floral adventures. He is likely the guy to show up at your
door with a delivery of flowers, sometimes with your newspaper in hand—that kind of thoughtful.
Rusty balances his work at Botanica with his true calling as a private chef. 
Here is a rare picture of us where we both have our eyes open.